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North Lebanon Township has been a mandated recycling community since the beginning of Act 101 in the late 1980’s.  Since then the Township has made provisions for the recycling of aluminum, steel, & bi-metallic cans, clear, brown, & green glass, and plastic bottles via curbside collection by your hauler, newspaper, corrugated cardboard, office grade paper, magazines/glossy print, yard waste, and retired flags via drop off here at the Township.  The Township has been awarded over $920,000 in state recycling grants to fund the recycling program and is one of the top five recycling communities in Lebanon County.

Recycling Coordinator, Bonnie Grumbine, is a Certified Recycling Professional and is available to answer any questions you may have about recycling.  She is also available to speak to community organizations and classrooms within the Township about the importance of recycling.  

Thank you North Lebanon Township Residents!  Together we make recycling work!

NLT Residents...

follow these guidelines to RECYCLE RIGHT!


Open burning is VERY limited in North Lebanon Twp and restricted to RR and Agricultural zoning districts ONLY.  See below for a brochure on the do's & don't of open burning in NLT.



As part of a state recycling grant North Lebanon Township has purchased roll-off containers for both corrugated cardboard and mixed paper (glossy, magazines, office paper, junk mail). These roll-offs are placed south of the yardwaste facililty main gate and can be accessed from either inside or outside the facility.

All packaging materials must be removed from cardboard boxes.  DO NOT place styrofoam, packaging peanuts, bubble wrap, air pillows, or any other packaging materials in the cardboard or mixed paper container!

Please obey the instructional signage when dropping off your recyclables!


Businesses within North Lebanon Township are also mandated to recycle. Recyclable items include co-mingled materials, corrugated cardboard, office grade paper, tires, oil, batteries, and scrap metal among others. Businesses are required by Township Ordinance to submit a Quarterly Recycling Report stating the items and quantities that were recycled.

Businesses are a vital part of our recycling efforts.  Please encourage all businesses you patronize to recycle.  And if they don’t, please ask them why




Grass clippings make up a large percentage of household waste produced each year and often the NLT Yardwaste Facility is overwhelmed with grass clippings.  Residents are encouraged to utilize grasscycling or home composting as as alternative to disposing of grass clipplings.  For more information on these methods, click below for a copy of Pa DEP's Guide to Home Composting.

Pennsylvania DEP Guide to Home Composting

Newspaper Drop Off:

North Lebanon Township has a newspaper drop-off available 24/7 in front of the yardwaste facility. 

  • Clean, dry newsprint ONLY 
  • Loose - NO bundles or bags
  • No glossy print - Remove ALL inserts


The North Lebanon Township Yard Waste Facility is in its 15th season of operation. North Lebanon Township residents may purchase a key card for an annual fee. This fee is per calendar year and the money is used to defer the cost of maintaining the equipment used in the facility.

Yardwaste fee for 2021 is $45.  Click on "Online Forms" above for a copy of the rules & regulations and application.  Renewals will be accepted by completing the application and placing it in the Twp dropbox along with the fee payment.

Spring/Summer yardwaste hours now in effect until Oct 1, Mon thru Sat, 7am-8pm.

Household Hazardous Waste:

Do you have paint, pesticides, automobile fluids, and other poisonous materials you want to dispose of? For a pick-up of these items contact:

GLRA Electronics Facility: 

January 16, 2012, the GLRA opened their Electronics Recycling Facility.  Hours of operation are weekdays 8:00am to 3:30pm and Saturdays 8:30am to 11:30pm.  FREE to all Lebanon Co residents.  Click below for more information and a complete listing of acceptable items. 

Due to a decline in the electronics recycling market, effective May 1, 2016, the GLRA Electronics Facility will no longer accept the following non-covered electronic devices...small kitchen appliances (mixers, toasters, blenders), microwaves, beauty aid appliances (hair dryers, curling irons), large speakers (book shelf and above in size), and large copy/fax machines.


North Lebanon Township participates in recycling programs for inkjet cartridges. 

Please bring your empty inkjet cartridges to the Township Office during normal office hours and place them in the collection box located in the main office.  Thank you for helping to make our world a better place environmentally!

Due to the Covered Device Recycling Act, we are no longer accepting cell phones.  Cell phones can be taken to the GLRA Electronics Recycling Facility on Russell Rd.

Retired American Flags

If you have any torn and tattered American flags, please bring them to the Township Municipal Building lobby and place them in the container provided.  AMERICAN FLAGS ONLY! Please remove flags from bags and any wooden stakes before placing them in the container.  These flags will then be retired at an annual flag burning ceremony.


Home Depot has started a free recycling program for CFLs. Just take your expired, unbroken CFLs to your local Home Depot Returns counter and they will be properly disposed of.

Businesses with a larger quantity of bulbs can order CFL & fluorescent recycling containers through Sylvania,

One Less Bag Makes a Difference!

Did you know that the average American household uses approximately 900 plastic bags in one year?

This bench, made from recycled plastic grocery bags, was donated by Giant on Earth Day as part of their Bags to Benches Program and is located outside the Community Park pavillion.  Thank you Giant!

Giant Food Stores needs your old plastic grocery bags!!!  Containers are available in the vestibules of all Giant stores to recycle these bags as part of its Bags to Benches program.  We are partnering with Giant to collect plastic grocery bags by returning them to a local store.  Giant will donate one or more park benches to our local parks to help beautify our community.  Since 1997, Giant has donated more than 1300 park benches to fire departments, churches, schools, parks, and libraries to help beautify local communities.



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