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New Tot Lot playground installed by the Lions Lake rental pavilion.

Lion's Lake Park is easy to find and well worth the effort to get there. Visitors can enter the park by using one of two parking areas at either end of the park. The most distinguishing feature of the park is it's 13 acre lake which is open to fishing and boating. The lake is stocked with trout by the PA Fish and Boat Commission. Other features of the park include a paved walking path which is great for biking and rollerblading. One lap around the park is 3/4 mile. Along the way there are numerous park benches to take a rest upon and take in the scenery around you. There's also a softball field, soccer field, modern playground equipment, modern restroom facilities, and lots of open space. We also offer for rental a pavillion with kitchen facilities.



Special Notes/Restrictions
No swimming
No ice skating or ice fishing
No littering
All pets must be leashed
Only electric motor powered boats allowed on lake

This is your park. Please help keep it beautiful!


Due to the increasing geese population and problems for surrounding property owners, Ordinance 2-1994 prohibiting the feeding of wildlife (geese, ducks, etc) will be enforced.  Fines ranging from $100-$1000 can be issued for feeding the wildlife.

Trout Stocking at Lions Lake

Have you ever wondered how all those fish get into the lake?  Every year in Spring, just before the start of trout season, the PA Fish & Boat Commission truck in the fish from a local hatchery.  This year’s trout came from the Pleasant Gap Hatchery and consist mostly of rainbow trout with several large golden rainbow trout.

There are several methods they can use to transfer the trout from their truck to the lake.  This year they used three separate ways.  First, they started by scooping out the fish from the storage unit on the truck and putting them into a bucket which was then dumped into the lake.  Second, they scooped them out with a net and then dumped them into the lake.  Special care must be taken when dumping the fish, as the nets and buckets may not touch the water.  Both methods were proving to be very time consuming.  So, they ultimately hooked up a large hose and attached it to the base of each storage unit on the truck.  Once they had the hose connected, the fish and lots of water drain from the truck through the hose and get dumped into the lake.  This process was much quicker.

Regional opening day for Lebanon County is March 31st, while trout season officially opens on April 14, 2018 statewide.  The minimum size is seven (7) inches.  Please remember to obtain your fishing license.  Licenses must be signed in ink and displayed on an outer garment. 

There are several locations throughout Lebanon County where you can obtain a fishing license.  Cobles Bait Shop, Dutch Country Ace Hardware, Goods Store, Jono Hardware, K-Mart, Laucks Sporting Goods, Lebanon County Treasurer’s Office, Lickdale Campground, and Wal Mart are all on the list.  For additional information visit the PA Fish & Boat Commission’s website

Good luck and happy fishing!!


Lions Lake Stocking Video

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